Collaboration agreement between the Sacromonte Abbey and the Agencia Albaicín

In order to improve the cultural services located in the neighbourhood, whose aim is to boost the Sacromonte Abbey Museum’s improvement, as well as its promotion and dissemination, on 7th January 2010 the Agencia Albaicín Granada, as the managing body of the Tourism Plan, established a collaboration agreement with the Sacromonte Abbey. This agreement, based on the Agency’s obligations as a permanent observatory of the Albaicín’s historical heritage, has been co-financed by the Granada City Council, the Department of Tourism of the Junta de Andalucía and the Granada Federation of Hoteliers.

In order to fulfil this collaboration agreement the restored and adapted facilities to new concepts of museology of the Sacromonte Abbey Museum were inaugurated on 5th February 2010, Saint Cecilio’s Day, patron saint of the city.

In this museum, visitors can gaze at part of the valuable artistic and documentary heritage that the Abbey has collected over four centuries of existence. As well as visit the emblematic architectural construction that houses it.

The Granada Tourism Plan in its programme of garden and convent routes includes the Sacromonte Abbey Museum renovation. 

Collaboration agreement between the Patronato de la Alhambra y el Generalife and the Agencia Albaicín

In 2008 the Patronato de la Alhambra y Generalife and the Agencia Albaicín signed an agreement, which allowed the integration of joint actions to raise awareness, disseminate, research, and enhance the historical, artistic and monumental World Heritage area.

The active collaboration of both institutions has made it possible to achieve various activities and projects such as:

  • The realization of the II Conference in recognition of our heritage. Valparaíso un Río Oro (2010)
  • The project “El Paisaje de Granada. Red de Miradores y puntos de Observación”. First phase (2010)
  • The drafting of the retrospective statements of the Outstanding Universal Value (2011)
  • 2nd phase of the project “El Paisaje de Granada. Red de Miradores y Puntos de Observación”
  • Combined ticket project between Alhambra and Albaicín “Colinas que se miran” (2013)
  • The partial intervention on the left bank of the river Darro, at the foot of the Alhambra and the Cuesta del rey Chico (2014)

Collaboration agreement between the Fundación Agua Granada and the Agencia Albaicín

In 2009 a collaboration agreement was signed between the Fundación Agua Granada, a foundation that works for the general interest of the environment, and the Agencia Albaicín for the “Conservation and Maintenance of the Public Cisterns in the Albaicín district” (Conservación y el Mantenimiento de los Aljibes Públicos del barrio del Albaicín). The aim is to promote the use and enjoyment of these heritage elements by citizens and visitors, as well as to avoid the damage caused by erosion and wear and tear over the time and the vandalism, that unfortunately, happen frequently.

Thanks to this agreement, many cisterns were restored, cleaned and repaired, including the cisterns of Zenete, San Cristobal, San Luis and Trillo, among others. However, the Albaicín cisterns’ conservation also requires a special control and monitoring due to their heritage nature, besides the usual and typical maintenance work associated with municipal property. In the same way, it is also necessary to apply treatments and techniques of conservation and protection in accordance with the nature of their heritage.

In order to guarantee the conservation of the Albaicín’s cisterns in the right conditions, the Agencia Albaicín, which has been in charge of managing The Maintenance and Conservation Cisterns Plan (Plan de Mantenimiento y Conservación de los Aljibes) since 2009, established a new collaboration agreement with the Fundación Agua Granada on 21th July 2016. The aim of this agreement is to implement the appropriate measures to prevent the deterioration of the site due to its vulnerability.