Statutes of the Local Public Administrative Agency “Agencia Albaicín Granada”

The local public administrative agency “Agencia Albaicín Granada” is an autonomous body that belongs to the Granada City council with its own legal personality whose main purpose is the integrated revitalization of the historic quarters of the city of Granada. This is achieved through the rehabilitation and restoration of the architectural and monumental heritage, the defence of the environment and the promotion and cultural, artistic, and scientific dissemination of heritage assets which are of interest to the community. In the same way, it also includes the recovery and promotion of the traditional arts and crafts of the neighbourhoods, which can contribute to the economic and social sectors improvement.

Thanks to this aim, the collaboration of public and private entities with the Agency will be encouraged, all the mechanisms and programmes that contribute to the revitalisation of the historic city and interrelated urban areas will be managed, the actions of the entity will be disseminated and all the line of work that allows cultural dissemination will be developed. The tourism and economic-business sectors will also be promoted, encouraging all activities that involve the recovery, dissemination, recognition, and maintenance of the historical legacy. The Agency also has competence at the technical level for the affairs and programmes of bodies and agencies of the European Union, the Council of Europe, the UNESCO World Heritage Centre and its advisory bodies, and other international organisations, institutions and entities, both public and private, which contribute to the achievement of the objectives described and to promoting the international recognition of the Historic City of Granada.

Statutes of the Agency “Agencia Albaicín Granada”